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CrossEyes® is an add-in to Microsoft® Word that lets you instantly identify and resolve any document-formatting problems—no more guesswork, and no more digging through the bewildering depths of MS Word. DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION OF CROSSEYES


Reveals The Codes in Word

Microsoft Word is a remarkably capable and complex product. However, Word does NOT provide a single place in which you can see all of the formatting codes (objects) and other codes that control your document. Instead, it provides many different views and panes, each of which only shows a limited subset of the information you need. If you’re not an expert user of Word, you might not even know where to begin to look! CrossEyes solves this problem by opening a single window at the bottom of the document that shows all of the codes in-line with the text of the document. In addition, each type of coding is shown in a different color. If you wish to make a change, just click the colored representation in the CrossEyes window, and you will bring up the feature in Word used to edit or alter those settings.

CrossEyes quickly shows you EVERYTHING in your document.

CrossEyes will help you troubleshoot your problems quickly.  Instead of guessing where you may need to look in Word to find your answer, you can instantly see everything in your document. As an added benefit, CrossEyes will help you learn how Word really works.

Product Description
CrossEyes is an add-in to Microsoft Word that lets you instantly identify and resolve any document formatting problems.

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