Best Authority®

Software for Building Tables of Authorities

Best Authority® is the industry's leading product for creating a Table of Authorities. Version 4 makes creating Tables of Authorities even easier and faster than Version 3. With Best Authority, you will have a highly accurate Table of Authorities,
in minutes, not hours

NOTE: Best Authority is an add-in to Microsoft Word for Windows. It supports 32-bit or 64-bit Office and 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.
WordPerfect and Office for Mac are not currently supported.

Best Authority

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Over 900 organizations, including 88 of the 100 largest U.S. law firms, have deployed Best Authority
because it:
  • Automatically finds and marks all citations in a document
    in seconds.
  • Helps them quickly find and fix incorrectly formatted citations, with its unique Review Feature Set.
  • Produces a fully-proofed Table of Authorities 10 to 20 times faster than any other product.
  • Formats the Table of Authorities any way they need. It is the only product which can automatically format a TOA to meet the requirements of every U.S. Court, and sort Authorities in the proper order.
  • Preserves all previous edits to the TOA when they re-process a document (Premium Edition only).
  • Pinpoints changes to document citations after a document has been revised.
  • Includes excellent training tools such as video tutorials,  prescheduled web seminars, and (Premium Edition) hands-on training.
  • Comes in two Editions: Premium and Light to best suit different needs.
  • Is learned easily during a free evaluation period.
Our customers love the product and the company - see testimonials.
  • The software is extremely reliable
  • Technical support is of the highest quality
  • Customers can join the BA Users Group hosted at LinkedIn.

Best Authority is an add-in to Microsoft® Word for Windows. (WordPerfect® and Office for Mac are not currently supported.)

Premium and Light Editions

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Premium Edition is best suited to a firm or organization that prepares complex or more frequent TOAs, or requires network administration. Only BA Premium provides the comprehensive interface to allow you to easily make permanent editing changes directly to the TOA during the review process. Premium pricing includes a built-in discount for medium and larger organizations.

Best Authority Light is often the best choice for small firms or organizations with infrequent, short or simple Table of Authorities needs. Light Edition has a subset of the features in Premium. It does not include the Advanced Feature Set for TOA editing or the Network Administration Features. It costs less and requires less training.


what our customers say

"I love BA. The TOA is no longer a nightmare to complete; it’s actually a joy."
Jennifer A. Mannix
Attorney At Law

Product Description

Download the Best Authority PDF. It is filled with all the information you need to know about this exciting product.

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